Published : 28/04/2023

The Best Ready Mix Asphalt

ready mix asphalt

If you manage roads, then you know that maintaining them is a process. More specifically, you know that pothole repair can be a struggle. They’re unsightly, dangerous, and they can take time to fix.

Some potholes, especially dangerous ones, demand a speedy solution – like ready mix asphalt. You may not have the tools or time to use hot mix asphalt.  If that’s the case, your best bet is ready mix asphalt. However, not all ready mix asphalt materials are created equal. Here are three reasons why RockAsphalt© is the best ready mix asphalt on the market.

Ready Mix Asphalt for Any Weather

Working around the weather is a struggle for all road maintenance. When the weather turns cold, hot mix asphalt is out of the question as a possible pothole repair material.

As temperatures drop, ready mix asphalt is the go to repair material. While cold patch asphalt can be used in inclement weather, many of those materials can be severely affected by changes in moisture and temperature. These changes can make your patches fail, doubling road maintenance costs.

RockAsphalt© can be used in all weather conditions, hot or cold. So whether you’re making repairs in the middle of summer or winter, your repair holds. More so, RockAsphalt© is proven to perform during extreme changes to the weather. If you live in a location where the weather fluctuates drastically, this is the ready mix asphalt for you.

Ready to Use Asphalt with Zero Curing Time

When a pothole opens up in a busy intersection, it can become extremely dangerous. If you’re faced with road maintenance where time is of the essence, you may need to turn to ready mix asphalt materials.

“Ready mix” asphalt doesn’t always translate to “ready to perform.” RockAsphalt© can handle traffic immediately after application with zero curing time. That is because the high-purity bitumen binder releases compaction, forming a permanent bond immediately.

Other types of ready mix asphalt can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully cure. This makes RockAsphalt© perfect for emergency repairs when you need to get traffic moving again as quickly as possible.

Ready to Use Asphalt, Less Tools, Less Training

Not everyone has an asphalt roller just lying around, and even fewer people know how to operate one anyway. RockAsphalt© is not only ready mix asphalt, it also doesn’t require any extra tools or equipment for application. And because it’s so easy to use, no special training is required – even the newest person on your road crew can apply it perfectly.

Having an experienced road crew performing pothole repairs is always your best option. However, while tools break and crew members leave, potholes don’t stop forming.

Simply grab your greenest crew member, pour, pack, and smooth out the material for a permanent asphalt repair. This makes it perfect for busy road crews who don’t have time to waste on over-complicating repairs. By simplifying the process of pothole repair, you can make more repairs with less time, training, steps, and tools.

The reality is, road maintenance doesn’t can’t always wait on the weather to clear or the traffic to stop. When that’s the case, your best bet is ready mix asphalt. RockAsphalt© isn’t just ready mix asphalt, it’s ready to perform. So next time the weather turns bad and you need to make some repairs fast, make sure to choose the best ready mix asphalt for the job, RockAsphalt©.

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