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A quality product requires quality people. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s been providing natural RockAsphalt© to DOT's and industrial clients for roads and highways since 1895. Explore new job openings and join the growing RockAsphalt© team.

A Culture of Commitment

Why Work With Us?

RockAsphalt© believes our core values are integral traits that drive the success of our business. By upholding these values, RockAsphalt© is able to build a culture of commitment for the advancement of our company and ourselves.

We Own Our Mistakes

We acknowledge and take responsibility for our mistakes. Through transparency, we build trust.

We Work Hard And It Shows

We give every project and task our best. We are proud to claim and present the work we produce.

We Overcome Obstacles

We recognize no obstacle is insurmountable; we are not defeated by challenges. Instead, we actively work to find solutions.

We Believe People Matter

People aren't a resource, they're individuals with innate value that are to be treated with dignity and respect. We draw from each other's experiences rather than expecting conformity. Kindness and patience aren't just a business value, they're the right thing to do.

We Are Better Today Than We Were Yesterday

We recognize the world and business landscape is constantly evolving and know that we too must continually evolve to stay relevant. We continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a company.

Not Just a Set of Generic Rules

Values We Live And Breathe

Most companies throw together a set of core values to follow business trends. RockAsphalt© created core values because we believe they are key to living an honest, righteous life. We are so deeply passionate about upholding our core values that we hire, fire, and promote by them. If these values truly speak to you, then we want to talk to you.

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Rock Solid Benefits

Blades Group LLC Team Members have full company benefits including:

Current Open Positions

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