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RockAsphalt© believes you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the ground you walk on. Since 1895, we’ve continuously engineered our natural asphalt to be a permanent, clean, and safe solution for all your road maintenance needs from pothole repair to new road construction. Successfully paving the road ahead starts with changing the road you’re on.


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Our History

Five Generations Of Natural RockAsphalt©

Some people claim that the story of RockAsphalt© begins in 1885 when the Lathe Carbon Company first mined bitumen outside of Uvalde, Texas. Others argue it wasn’t until the early 1890’s when the city of San Antonio used bituminous Anacacho limestone to pave downtown Crockett Street. Still others say the story only really starts in 1928, when cold-mix-cold-laid asphalt began to be shipped to New York City, Philadelphia, and other northeastern states to compete against natural bitumen materials imported from Trinidad.

But we like to think the history of RockAsphalt© began with a rancher, a trainload of cattle, and some loose fence posts.

It started when rancher, J. G. Smyth, started digging fence posts on his land in southwest Uvalde County. The rock in the ground would gush with oil, almost like something you’d see out of The Beverly Hillbillies. Cowboys also knew about the unique properties of the rock, often adding it to their fires to keep the flames going long through the night. While this made digging fence posts more frustrating for Smyth, what he discovered was essentially a miracle. A low-lying oil field was shoved in the above layer of Anacacho limestone, naturally infusing the rock with the exact percentage of oil needed to create a perfect asphalt road.

When the Missouri Pacific Railroad would stop by Smyth’s ranch to feed and water cattle on the way to market, the cattle’s hooves would erode the dirt paths surrounding the pens, causing the fence posts to lean and fall down. It was then that J.G. Smyth had an idea. Smyth instructed his ranch hands to retrieve some of the rock from his ranch and place it in the eroded areas of the cattle pens to help straighten the loose fence posts. Over time, as the cattle walked over the rock, it began to pack into a hard surface.

Smyth thought this would make an excellent road material, and the rest is history.

The deposit we mine in the southwest corner of Uvalde County is one of the largest natural asphalt formations in the world, and the bitumen-imbued limestone creates a unique asphalt repair that can’t be replicated.

That’s why countless cities and states rely on all-natural RockAsphalt©. Since 1895, hundreds of millions of tons of natural rock asphalt have been shipped to municipalities and industrial clients all across the United States. But the biggest and most loyal customer over the last hundred years?

The Texas Department Of Transportation.

There’s a reason state DOT’s and municipalities have trusted our material to pave highways, runways, and other critical infrastructure for over a century. If you’re looking for a durable, high-performance asphalt, we promise you won’t find anything better anywhere. And our family’s been mining and producing natural asphalt for over five generations, so we take that promise seriously. Providing our clients with one-of-a-kind RockAsphalt© is a family tradition around here — and one we’re proud to uphold.

Our Mission

We at RockAsphalt© know how much the world depends on well-functioning roads and runways. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide municipalities and contractors with a quality pavement repair they know they can trust. By serving the men and women who maintain our infrastructure, we do what little we can to help keep the world productive, secure, and connected.

John Blades

CEO, RockAsphalt©

Our Team

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Our Values & Vision

There’s more to RockAsphalt© than just great material. Learn about the values that guide our day-to-day operations and shape our work culture.


We acknowledge and take responsibility for our mistakes. Through transparency, we build trust.


We give every project and task our best. We are proud to claim and present the work we produce.


We recognize no obstacle is insurmountable; we are not defeated by challenges. Instead, we actively work to find solutions.


People aren’t a resource, they’re individuals with innate value that are to be treated with dignity and respect. We draw from each other’s experiences rather than expecting conformity. Kindness and patience aren’t just a business value, they’re the right thing to do.


We recognize the world and business landscape is constantly evolving and know that we too must continually evolve to stay relevant. We continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a company.

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