Revolutionary Asphalt Repair Like You’ve Never Seen

From fixing potholes to large scale road repair, RockAsphalt© delivers a permanent repair solution the first time in all weather conditions without all the extra planning, mess, equipment and hassle of cold & hot mix.

Rock Asphalt Totes: A one size fits all asphalt solution

On demand to your yard without the mess or waste

We’ve got your road repair revolution in the bag

All light duty vehicles become road repair crews overnight

Master Your Paving Projects

Application Guide

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Innovating Road Repair

Our Products Revolutionize
Traditional Methods

We offer superior asphalt products with innovative delivery options for maximum convenience and efficiency. Our commitment to quality, raw materials reduces environmental impact while saving you time and money. Choose us for exceptional value and service for all your asphalt projects.

Proactive Repairs

Our products enable faster repairs, without the need for specialized crews or equipment. Keeping bags handy in any pick-up allows road crews to prevent problems before they start by filling holes early and stopping drain holes.

No Weather Restrictions

Our products can be delivered and applied in any outdoor conditions, so your crew can stop working around the weather and get the job done on the spot.

Three Year Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a three-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind and saving you money on costly repairs.

Lower Costs

Our products reduce other costs such as administration and communication work and frequency of road repairs, making them a cost-effective solution that delivers real value.

Environmentally Friendly

Our products produce less yard and vehicle mess, lower the risk of waste and liability, and are environmentally friendly & VOC free.


We’re committed to sustainability. Our products use natural asphalt and an innovative delivery system to minimize waste and reduce our impact on the environment. We also help reduce carbon emissions by enabling faster repairs and reducing road maintenance frequency.

The Natural Asphalt Difference

Putting an end to the the battle with both cold & hot mix for good, our road repair solution gets the job done in a single visit without the mess and excess labor.

No more multi-job visits

No follow up, extra mixes or check-ins to the job necessary. You’re 100% done on the first try.

Less complaints

Positively impact your community and enjoy the decrease in complaints and issues from citizens and crews.

One fill and you’re done

Bonds instantly, won’t rut, shove or migrate, and guaranteed to stay in place at least three years after initial application.

Fast & permanent

Patching done on the spot, from any vehicle, in any weather. Simply open the bag, fill and drive over. Patches bond instantly and are ready for regular traffic.

Permanent Pothole Fixes The first time

Make every vehicle a road repair vehicle with just a shovel. Our bags are an instant permanent fix in all weather conditions. Think happier crews and communities.

Replaces messy piles

Our large totes completely eliminate the need for messy, space taking heaps in your yard. Totes remove excess labor, preserve equipment and leave zero wasted product.

Fresh, easy and on demand

Totes that get delivered fresh, when you need them, where you need them.

Replaces both hot & cold mix

A single mix that gives you the ease and flexibility of cold mix with the permanence and staying power of hot mix, our asphalt provides you with the best of both worlds.

Quit ripping & replacing

Get the job done in one shot in any conditions. No more filling only to rip and replace, our single step product cuts out the extra labor cold & hot mixes require.

Larger road repairs done better.

Order quick-ship skids on demand and replace the need for piles of bulk asphalt. Imagine your larger repairs done faster and without the mess, waste, equipment needs or cleanup.

Get rid of your piles of bulk asphalt.

Road maintenance comes in all shapes and sizes and that is why RockAsphalt© is available in bag or bulk and made to order on demand, ensuring you get the freshest material for your job and reducing the need for over ordering or waste.

Order skids of bags or totes on demand with fast delivery and remove the need to for keeping piles of bulk asphalt in your yard or on site.

Rock Asphalt bags and totes require less training and experience for road crews and less equipment, time, and planning in order to make permanent repairs.

Trusted By Governments Across The World Since 1895

There’s a reason state, military, and industry leaders have relied on our one-of-a-kind natural Anacacho asphalt to pave roads and other critical infrastructure for over a century. We’re so confident RockAsphalt© will save your organization time and money, it’s backed by our three-year warranty.

Mining Natural Asphalt For Over A Century

Some people claim that the story of RockAsphalt© begins in 1885, others argue is wasn’t until the early 1890’s when the city of San Antonio used bituminous Anacacho limestone to pave downtown Crockett Street, but we like to think it all started with a herd of cattle…

Why Choose RockAsphalt©

6 More Reasons People Trust Natural RockAsphalt© Over Manufactured Materials


Easy To Use Or Store

No special tools or training required. Naturally occurring bitumen impregnated limestone doesn’t draindown or strip and has a shelf-life twice as long as other asphalts.


All-Weather Reliability

Doesn’t rely on fickle additives that work differently in different weather conditions. Binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes.


Clean, Natural Asphalt

Unlike oily manufactured mixes, 100% VOC free RockAsphalt© remains dry and clean until compaction. Won’t ruin clothes, truck interiors, or track into buildings.


Asphalt Delivered To You

Eliminate long wait times at the asphalt plant or big box stores, RockAsphalt© is made to order and delivers to your door, ensuring freshness and availability when you need it most.


Available in Bag & Bulk

Our natural asphalt is available in multiple sizes to fit the specific requirements of your project, reducing waste and streamlining repairs.


Bonds Permanently

Forms a flexible but durable bond with surrounding pavement like slow-cure asphalts. Ready for heavy traffic immediately after application.

Ready to do road repairs the fast & easy way?

RockAsphalt© replaces cold and hot mix making road repair of all sizes fast, clean, simple and permanent the first time.

Try it for yourself and learn why crews love it.

Get your free sample bags and have your team see how fast and easy it is to permanently fix potholes.