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Solve Your Pothole Problem

Learn how our asphalt repair material saves your organization time and money and get your no-obligation quote today with pricing that scales to fit your budget.

RockAsphalt® samples are available for cities, counties, school districts, DOT’s, and other qualifying industrial accounts.

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Three-Year Installed Warranty

Perform your road repairs confidently with our three-year permanent repair guarantee

Year-Round Road Maintenance

Rain, snow, or heat – our repair material won’t rut, shove, or migrate

Improve Crew Production

Just throw-and-roll. No tools, prep, or multi-person crews required.

76% More Coverage Per Pound

Maximize your repairs and lessen your expenses with our industry-leading coverage

Why RockAsphalt© Fills 76% More Potholes Than Manufactured Mixes

Artificially manufactured patches weigh up to 76% more per cubic yard than our natural asphalt. That means our material fills close to twice the volume — in other words, twice the potholes — as leading cold patch asphalts. All those additives in other patches weigh more, forcing you to pay more.

But we know you care about performance, not weight. That’s why we offer fair volume pricing that scales to fit your budget, large or small.
RockAsphalt 50lb bagged asphalt
“It [RockAsphalt©] definitely exceeded our expectations, especially compared to cold mixes. [in response to a question] Yeah I think my kid could patch a hole in 2 minutes. No problem.”
street supervisor trey king
Trey King
Street Supervisor, UTA

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