The Only Asphalt Tote That Comes With A 3 Year Warranty

RockAsphalt Totes – Your On Demand Bulk – the revolutionary way to order asphalt. No mess, no waste, just precision delivery exactly when and where you need it. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures you only receive the amount of asphalt you require, saving you time, money, and hassle. We guarantee no excess materials, no messy spills, and no wasted resources, you may even catch your crew clicking their heels.

Repairing roads that stay in it for the long haul.

RockAsphalt totes – for larger sized repair jobs

Replaces messy piles

Our large totes completely eliminate the need for messy, space taking heaps in your yard. Totes remove excess labor, preserve equipment and leave zero wasted product.

Fresh, easy and on demand

Totes that get delivered fresh, when you need them,
where you need them.

Replaces both hot & cold mix

A single mix that gives you the ease and flexibility of cold mix with the permanence and staying power of hot mix, our asphalt provides you with the best of both worlds.

Quit ripping & replacing

Get the job done in one shot in any conditions. No more filling only to rip and replace, our single step product cuts out the extra labor cold & hot mixes require.

Permanent Pothole Fixes The first time

Make every vehicle a road repair vehicle with just a shovel. Our bags are an instant permanent fix in all weather conditions. Think happier crews and communities.

Master Your Paving Projects

Application Guide

Explore our Application Guide for key insights and tips on using RockAsphalt. Perfect your installations with our expert advice

Asphalt, A Family Tradition

Mining Natural Asphalt For Over A Century

Some people claim that the story of RockAsphalt© begins in 1885, others argue it wasn’t until the early 1890’s when the city of San Antonio used bituminous Anacacho limestone to pave downtown Crockett Street, but we like to think it all started with a herd of cattle…

Why Choose RockAsphalt

6 More Reasons People Trust Natural RockAsphalt© Over Manufactured Materials

Easy To Use Or Store

No special tools or training required. Naturally occurring bitumen impregnated limestone doesn’t draindown or strip and has a shelf-life twice as long as other asphalts.

All-Weather Reliability

Doesn’t rely on fickle additives that work differently in different weather conditions. Binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes.

Clean, Natural Asphalt

Unlike oily manufactured mixes, 100% VOC free RockAsphalt© remains dry and clean until compaction. Won’t ruin clothes, truck interiors, or track into buildings.

Simplify small repairs

One person and a truck tire is all it takes to fill smaller potholes, fill, drive over, and drive away.

No limitations on large jobs

There is no ceiling on your ability to complete any size job with our bags & totes. From trenches, full roads & streets, to highways, RockAsphalt© can do it all.

Bonds Permanently

Forms a flexible but durable bond with surrounding pavement like slow-cure asphalts. Ready for heavy traffic immediately after application.

Solve Your Pothole
Problem Today

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way.

Try for yourself with a RockAsphalt free sample

Our natural asphalt is solid and so are our people. We work overtime to ensure you don’t.