Published : 28/04/2023

Pothole Patch Vs Pothole Repair

pothole patch

When a pothole opens up in the middle of winter, you might hear someone say “just patch it”, but what does that really mean? For many people, “patching it” in winter means putting down a quick fix until a more permanent option is available. So what is a pothole patch and does it differ from a pothole repair?

While these words might be interchangeable or thrown around loosely, we like to think there is a difference. Here are some crucial differences between a pothole patch and a pothole repair product, like RockAsphalt.

Pothole Patch, A Temporary Fix

Manufactured pothole patches are used as temporary solutions until the weather warms and hot mix can be used. These materials are especially popular in colder climates where the window to use hot mix asphalt is small.

Temporary pothole patches may last up to a year, but must eventually be replaced for a more stable material. However, because of their fickle chemical bonders, many of these pothole patches only last a few months, weeks, or even days.

RockAsphalt creates a permanent pothole repair. Our material is DOT grade, natural asphalt backed by our three year installed guarantee. Making a pothole repair means less rework, failed patches, and trips to the hot mix plant.

Weather Can Affect a Pothole Patch

Even though pothole patch products are widely used in inclement weather, many of them rely on chemical bonding agents that respond to time and temperature.

Depending on the pothole patch, curing times range anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. Changes to the weather can cause a delaying affect to the chemical bond, affecting the patch performance.

RockAsphalt creates a pothole repair that is literally rock solid and road ready upon compaction. This is because our material seals itself together with a naturally infused bitumen binder, meaning no wait time or weather interference.

This unique binding action has been proven in diverse temperatures ranging from sub-zero to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making repairs road ready as soon as the material is laid.

Pothole Patch Vs Pothole Repair: The Verdict

Pothole patch and pothole repair products essentially perform the same job, but the crucial difference that sets them apart is ultimately performance.

A pothole patch is used in times of rough weather to keep roads in working condition until a more permanent option becomes available. While these pothole patches provide a much needed solution in extreme cases, they also lead to rework and failed patches.

A pothole repair is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a material capable of fixing potholes so that the road is as good as new. RockAsphalt is a pothole repair designed to fix potholes for good, not until the asphalt plant opens.

With RockAsphalt, you can use the same material to repair potholes as you do to pave roads, meaning your pothole repair is built to last well beyond a pothole patch.

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