Published : 28/04/2023

Not Your Typical Throw and Roll Asphalt

throw and roll asphalt

Throw and roll asphalt is a common solution for road maintenance crews, especially for pothole repairs. If you don’t have time to fire up the vibratory roller or the weather is taking a turn for the worse, throw and roll asphalt is usually there for a quick fix.

It’s also widely regarded as a semi-permanent option, and usually one that comes with a few more steps in fine print after the word “roll.” Although this type of pothole repair may get a bad rap, not all throw and roll asphalts are equal.

And since we certainly fall underneath this category, here’s three reasons why RockAsphalt© is a cut above your typical bag of throw and roll pothole repair.

Throw and Roll and Wait

A majority of throw and roll asphalt patches must cure anywhere from a few hours to a few days before the patch can truly handle the weight of traffic. It’s during these crucial curing times that roads are often opened up too soon and many patches fail.

RockAsphalt© has zero cure time, meaning road maintenance crews can open traffic as soon as the repair is compacted. No need to wait or keep your roads closed, your crew is ready to head to the next repair.

Additional Application Steps

Depending on the material, your repair may require some additional steps or tools. You may need to square the edges of the pothole or use a specialized plate compactor.

Some materials merely need to be tamped first or rolled over with a wooden board before opening up the area to traffic. However big or small, these extra steps have to be accounted for in order to use these throw and roll pothole repairs.

With RockAsphalt©, we truly mean you can roll out a perfect pavement repair without any need for extra tools, equipment, or application steps.

Simply throw RockAsphalt© into the damaged pavement and allow a vehicle tire or asphalt roller to compact the material together, allowing the naturally infused bitumen rich limestone rocks to bond on compaction.

Used as a Temporary Solution

Throw and roll asphalt typically refers to a cold mix. These materials are only rated as a temporary road repair, used in times of emergency or extreme temperatures. While this material is certainly a viable option during the winter, the repairs are often replaced when a more permanent material is available.

Although RockAsphalt© works in colder temperatures, it’s natural asphalt, not cold mix. It’s also much more durable than its other throw and roll counterparts. RockAsphalt is even used for new road construction, despite its simple throw and roll application.

Thrown Around Loosely

Throw and roll is a term that’s thrown around loosely because a lot of asphalt materials and pothole repairs fall underneath this category. With this term comes the stigma that the material might not last as long, or come with some extra steps.

By definition, we’re certainly a throw and roll pothole repair. But, in a way, we’re breaking the mold or what can be performed using the throw and roll method.

With RockAsphalt©, road maintenance crews can throw and roll faster, with less equipment, and less fear of rework and failed patches.

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