Published : 28/04/2023

How Much Asphalt Do I Need?

how much asphalt do i need

The shape and size of pothole repairs varies greatly, but the question always remains, “how much asphalt do I need?” The good news is that asphalt calculators are readily available to help you answer that question.

The bad news is that there are a ton of different asphalt patches with their own calculators to choose from. So which one do you choose for your project?

Is coverage the only thing that matters? An estimate of material is a great starting point, but it doesn’t account for the costs of material application or the longevity of the repair.

After all, how much does coverage matter if the patch fails in a few months, or if the material requires hours of prep work for a single pavement patch?

RockAsphalt© not only covers 76% more square footage than leading patching products, it also reduces the hidden costs that most pothole repair calculators fail to mention.

How much asphalt do I need? The costs that asphalt calculators don’t count

1.) Tools, Training, and Time

When factoring in your budget for pothole repairs, asphalt calculators usually only account for a fraction of your costs.

A means to clean the debris from the damaged pavement and compact the material are essential for every pothole repair, but many patching products still require the use of extra tools, training, or time.

Some materials must adhere to a flat edge to create a bond. Squaring the edges of the pothole involves a trained road crew to operate machinery such as concrete saws and vibratory compactors.

Other asphalt patches rely on heat, water, or chemical binders to fully harden. Above all, some materials need time to seal. It’s during these asphalt curing times that patches run the risk of rupturing from traffic.

2.) Permanence, Weather, and Performance

You’ve calculated how much asphalt you need and factored in the costs of labor and equipment. However, will you need to make that purchase again to repair the same pothole?

Despite coverage, some asphalt patches are temporary. Products like cold patch asphalt are commonly used when the temperature drops and hot mix isn’t workable. Many cold patch asphalts are only rated to last for a certain amount of time and must be replaced with a permanent material.

When considering coverage, it’s important to note the material’s capabilities and the longevity of your repair. A temporary material may mean doing the same job twice.

Asphalt Calculator Coverage

Coverage is important and no matter what patching product you choose, an asphalt calculator will help you determine how much you need for your project.

RockAsphalt© covers 76% more than leading patching products and helps you cut down on the cost of your repairs. With no need for heavy machinery and zero asphalt curing time, you can make permanent asphalt repairs easier and faster.

Your repair is guaranteed to last for 3 years and binds in sub-zero temperatures. Winter road maintenance and emergency repairs can be made permanently, eliminating the need to revisit failed patches.

When you make an estimate with our asphalt calculator, you get a more accurate representation of your overall road maintenance costs. With industry-leading coverage and a simple, permanent bond, RockAsphalt© eliminates some of the extra costs that coverage calculators don’t add up.


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