Published : 28/04/2023

4 Reasons Why Your Asphalt Patches Keep Failing

asphalt patch

Have you ever felt frustrated after spending time and resources to fix a pothole, only to find that your asphalt patch failed shortly after?

Potholes can be one of the most irritating issues for public works departments—not only because they can cause damage to cars and create safety hazards, but also because they are just so expensive and time-consuming to repair.

The truth is that a majority of asphalt patches just don’t last. Sure, you might get less calls about the pothole on Main Street for a month, but when a semi-truck takes a hard corner, those calls are likely to return.

So why do patches fail so often? Let’s take a look at some of the leading causes of failed asphalt patches in road maintenance and what you can do to prevent them.

1. Temporary Asphalt Patches

One common cause of failed patches is using temporary asphalt patch materials as a solution, such as cold patch asphalt. These materials are not designed to last in the long term; they are typically used in emergencies or when the weather drops below the workable range of hot mix.

While these materials may seem like a good choice due to their low cost, they are not durable enough for long-term use and will inevitably fail over time.

The biggest problem is that this is one of the most common options for road maintenance crews because it’s so fast and inexpensive. Or is it? If the asphalt patch fails on Main Street, the process of pothole repair starts over and the cycle continues.

Temporary asphalt patches can waste time, effort, and keep road crews trapped in an endless cycle of rework.

2. Incorrect Asphalt Application

We’re human, therefore we make mistakes! Human error in asphalt application can also lead to failed patches. The likelihood of a misstep increases with patches that require additional steps.

Crews run out of water for water-activated patches, blow torches run out of propane, and areas are opened up to traffic too soon. Additionally, incorrect application techniques such as insufficient compaction or inadequate tack coat bonding agents can also lead to premature failure of patches.

There are too many variables to name, but the truth is that asphalt application is integral to the performance of any road repair, regardless of the material you use. Using a durable material and training your crew on the proper asphalt application steps will always lead to less failed patches.

3. Old Asphalt Material

The fresher the better when it comes to asphalt, no matter what kind it is. Bagged asphalt that sits in a warehouse can decrease in performance due to precipitation leaking into torn bags.

Bulk cold patch asphalts are made to be stored outdoors for months, but extended exposure to moisture can affect the chemical binders which make up the mix, leading to patches that don’t perform as well.

RockAsphalt© is made to order and tested for quality assurance, meaning you receive the freshest, most optimized asphalt blend for your repairs every time. That means less time acquiring material and fighting with it.

RockAsphalt© is also challenging the way road crews view bulk asphalt with our resealable bulk asphalt supersacks. The limestone rock that makes up our material is crushed and immediately sealed until it’s delivered directly to you. This ensures fresh asphalt material for big projects today, tomorrow, and months down the road.

4. Traffic & Weather

Last, but not least: traffic and weather. It’s no secret, but the same elements that cause potholes also cause their patches to fail. Commuter traffic picks up over the holidays as temperatures drop, creating the perfect storm for damaging pavement.

RockAsphalt© protects you against failed patches with our 3-year installed guarantee. That’s because our material leads the industry in durability, all-weather reliability, and has zero curing time. If you’re tired of reworking old road work, RockAsphalt© has your back.

How to Dodge Doing Rework

Some things will never change, like weather, traffic, and people making mistakes. However, you can change the quality of the material you use for road maintenance.

Repairs made with RockAsphalt© are permanent and easy to apply. The material that’s delivered to you is fresh, sealed, and ready to perform under heavy traffic or bad weather.

Lastly, RockAsphalt© helps you ensure that road crews are taking all the necessary precautions when repairing potholes to avoid failed patches!

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