Published : 07/02/2024

Revolutionizing Road Repair: What Makes Our Asphalt Company Different

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Not Just Another Asphalt Company


When it comes to performing road repairs, choosing the best asphalt company is paramount to achieving the best results. Whether you’re fixing a few potholes or repaving entire parking lots, finding the right company for your project is a crucial decision. However, the asphalt industry is comprised of countless companies from bagged cold mix brands to hot mix manufacturers. With varying applications and differing curing periods, choosing an asphalt company can be challenging and overwhelming. While the storied history of RockAsphalt© may differentiate us from others in the industry, it’s not the only thing that makes our asphalt company stand out. From delivering quality asphalt directly to our customers to guaranteeing its performance for the safety of your road repairs, here are 6 ways our asphalt company stands out from the rest.

Delivering Quality Asphalt Directly to You

Acquiring asphalt from a company can prove to be both a challenge and a nuisance. Asphalt plants shut down for the winter, stores stop carrying your favorite cold mix, and bulk piles dirty up machinery and vehicles. RockAsphalt© changes how customers receive their material by delivering products directly to them. Rather than spending crucial work hours driving to find material, ordering pallets of 50 lb. bags or 1 cubic yard supersacks is just a phone call away.

But the term “asphalt delivery” is two-pronged. As a company, we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with a better way to deliver asphalt to the repair itself. Bagged asphalt is notoriously messy and loose bulk asphalt means fighting with messy piles that are hard to work with. RockAsphalt© is a clean, dry material that won’t ruin clothes of vehicle interiors, saving hours of intense cleaning. Our supersacks also come in a weather-resistant, resealable tote that makes transporting and applying bulk asphalt easy and mess-free. By utilizing the resealable spout, your bulk will remain fresh and usable for months.

Asphalt Without Weather Restrictions

Weather plays a large role in road repairs and choosing an asphalt company means researching its range of application temperatures. Hot mix has a strict minimum of 55°F for application. Companies that make cold mix asphalt have a wider range, but depending on the brand, many will underperform if the weather is too humid, hot, or cold.

RockAsphalt© has the unique attribute of zero weather restrictions, making quality road repairs a year-round possibility. Traditionally, road repairs are split between two major categories of material to choose from depending on the weather, hot or cold. With RockAsphalt©, potholes and other smaller repairs can be made quickly in rain, heat, or snow. Moreso, larger repairs normally performed in warmer temperatures can be done in sub-optimal conditions. Choosing RockAsphalt© means utilizing one asphalt company to perform the full spectrum of road repairs.

Natural, Eco-Friendly Road Repairs

The asphalt industry carries the stigma of producing products that increase our carbon footprint and contain harmful VOCs. Many asphalt companies emit pollutants during the manufacturing process, which in turn contributes to air pollution and the creation of smog. Products that contain VOCs have also been linked to adverse health effects.

RockAsphalt© consists of a rare combination of limestone rocks imbued with bitumen, otherwise known as natural asphalt. Whereas many companies manufacture their products using a mixture of rocks and chemical binders, RockAsphalt© is a naturally occurring substance. This road ready mixture of natural elements eliminates a large portion of the manufacturing process that causes harmful emissions and lowers energy consumption. Additionally, RockAsphalt© contains zero VOCs, making it completely safe for workers and the environment. Ultimately, this not only provides our customers with eco-friendly road repair materials but lessens the carbon footprint associated with road maintenance.

Asphalt You Can Handle with Your Bare Hands

One of the most distinctive characteristics of RockAsphalt© is also one of the most beneficial, it’s clean and dry. “Clean” and “dry” are two words seldom used to describe any form of asphalt. Most asphalt is messy, tarry, and causes irreversible damage to clothes and vehicles. Maintenance crews frequently spend hours cleaning maintenance equipment with expensive cleaning chemicals, a process as time-consuming as it is frustrating.

RockAsphalt© remains dry and clean because its binding agent is trapped inside of the rocks, only releasing on compaction. This makes handling RockAsphalt© with your bare hands completely safe, a feature that most asphalt companies simply wouldn’t advise. Additionally, compaction doesn’t track residue outside of the distressed area or stain equipment. This aids in keeping areas under maintenance mess-free and eliminates a lengthy cleaning process. The ability to use bagged asphalt without ruining your boots is one you’re sure to enjoy; it also makes us one of the cleanest asphalt companies around.

Permanent Repairs that Produce Safer Road Conditions

Most bagged asphalt companies manufacture temporary road repair materials. Cold mix especially carries the stigma of producing only temporary results. Generally, these products are utilized in colder climates when hot mix and other permanent road repair materials aren’t available. One of the pivotal issues regarding these products is the tedious amount of rework caused by failed patches. These failed patches are largely due to long curing times and weather-sensitive additives. Additionally, patches that fail before they are cured lead to unsafe road conditions.

One of the defining aspects of RockAsphalt© is its exceptional durability. By compacting our material, the bitumen-infused limestone rocks create an immediate bond. Whereas many bagged asphalts require time to properly set, RockAsphalt© supports the weight of traffic instantaneously. This traffic-ready bond results in a structurally sound and weather-resistant surface that promotes safer road conditions because it removes moisture and air pockets that cause many other products to fail.

Guaranteeing Our Customer’s Work Matters

Permanent road repairs not only benefit road safety, but they also impact the overall efficiency of road maintenance. Municipalities and maintenance crews responsible for road repairs are persistently thwarted by failed patches and rework. When a pothole fails, it causes a vicious cycle of spending countless dollars and man-hours repairing the same pothole. This inefficient process essentially turns a single pothole into a money hole.

Our company prides itself on the longevity of our asphalt and we support that statement by providing our customers with a 3-year guarantee. We understand reworking road repairs can siphon maintenance budgets, frustrate drivers, and limit progress for municipalities and maintenance crews performing road maintenance.

The ability to handle our material in your bare hands or repair utility cuts in winter makes us stand out, but it’s not our driving differentiator as an asphalt company. It’s because, “We at RockAsphalt© know how much the world depends on well-functioning roads and runways. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide municipalities and contractors with a quality pavement repair they know they can trust. By serving the men and women who maintain our infrastructure, we do what little we can to help keep the world productive, secure, and connected.” – John Blades, CEO RockAsphalt©.

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