Published : 06/03/2023

Saving Money on County Road Maintenance

county road maintenance

County Road Maintenance

can get expensive. If you’re a county road maintenance professional, you understand the high costs of poorly maintained roads. Despite facing obstacles like limited resources, labor shortages, and increased expenses, you work hard to save money and do more with less.

Nowadays, managing a county road maintenance budget is more challenging than ever, and you’re always looking for ways to cut costs. With our natural RockAsphalt© material, you can see instant savings and permanent solutions that will save you money down the road.

Long-Term Solutions for County Road Maintenance

Every maintenance professional in the world, no matter what industry they are in, is looking for long-term solutions to their problems. Most county road maintenance crews are familiar with the cycle of pothole repairs. In the spring, they fill potholes with cold patch asphalt. Then they have to return in a few months to fix their failed patches.

RockAsphalt© is a natural alternative to manufactured asphalt, and you only have to apply it once for a permanent fix. Our material works so well that we back it with a three-year guarantee. And if a three-year installed warranty isn’t enough, here are three more ways RockAsphalt© transforms road maintenance and saves municipalities money.

1. Reduce Asphalt Waste

Street departments can generate a lot of waste when using hot mix or cold patch asphalt products. Even though you can stockpile cold mix asphalt, it only stays soft for about six months. Manufactured asphalt mixes typically require minimum orders, which also leads to waste.

With RockAsphalt©, you’ll reduce waste. It stays fresh for up to 8 months as long as you keep your bag sealed. And since you can use RockAsphalt© any time of year and in all types of weather, you have more time to use it.

In addition, RockAsphalt© is delivered fresh to your door when you need it, whether it’s a 50-pound sack or a 2400-pound Supersack.

2. More Asphalt Coverage

In addition to wasting less material, you can also get more done with less. RockAsphalt© covers 76% more area per pound than other types of bagged asphalt. A 50 lb. bag will cover about 7 square feet with a one-inch layer. That’s more coverage than you can expect from manufactured asphalt. Enter the dimensions of our asphalt repair project in our job calculator to see the difference.

3. Reduce Labor Costs

Most manufactured asphalt materials have strict application methods, lengthy curing times, and a stringent and time-consuming cleaning routine, all of which eats into your road maintenance budget. When you use RockAsphalt© to fix your potholes, the application is simple, the curing time is non-existent, and there is little to no clean up, which significantly reduces your labor costs.

  • Easy to apply: RockAsphalt© enables road maintenance crews to work faster, with fewer resources, and with the assurance that their patches will last.
  • Easy to clean: Unlike the tarry mess of cold mix, which gets on everything and is difficult to remove, natural asphalt is easy to clean. It easily wipes off tools, clothes, shoes, and vehicles.
  • Save on training: Because RockAsphalt© is so safe and simple to apply, your employees don’t need extensive training, which saves you even more.

Move Towards Proactive Road Maintenance

What would you do with more labor resources? You’re forced into reactive maintenance when you operate with limited resources, and it feels like you’re constantly underwater. Using RockAsphalt© will reduce labor costs, which means you’ll have more employee hours to throw at your maintenance projects. Instead of spending hours fixing cold patch repairs and cleaning up the mess, your crew can perform other road maintenance duties.

The savings snowball when you move from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. Soon, you’ll have time to do regular inspections, and you can fix problems before they get out of control. You’ll also spend less time handling complaints, which increases job satisfaction for everyone. Job satisfaction reduces employee turnover, and the savings keep multiplying.

Saving Money with RockAsphalt©

The longer you wait to repair potholes, the worse they get, and the more expensive they are to fix. When you use RockAsphalt© to fix your potholes, you can meet your pothole problem head on with less waste, less tools, and more coverage.

Scheduling road maintenance around the weather is frustrating. With manufactured asphalt, you’re limited by weather and temperature conditions, which makes it almost impossible to schedule and often leads to wasted materials and lost employee hours. When you use RockAsphalt©, you can repair potholes as soon as they appear.

Exploring cost-effective road maintenance methods can significantly impact the taxpayers in your county. It feels great to start seeing savings and feel what it’s like to tackle your road maintenance issues head-on. If you’re part of a county street department interested in saving money, contact us today to order your free sample of RockAsphalt©.

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