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Three-Year Guarantee

Your Asphalt Solution Made Simple

From potholes to high-performance road maintenance, RockAsphalt© delivers you superior results faster, simpler, and more permanent. Pave a better path for your community today.

Why Choose RockAsphalt©

Trusted By Governments Across The World Since 1895

There’s a reason state, military, and industry leaders have relied on our one-of-a-kind natural Anacacho asphalt to pave roads and other critical infrastructure for over a century. We’re so confident RockAsphalt© will save your organization time and money, it’s backed by our three-year warranty.


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Bulk & Bagged Asphalt Available

Your Asphalt Solution For Every Job

Road maintenance comes in all shapes and sizes, so the amount of asphalt you buy should too. RockAsphalt© is available in bag or bulk and made to order, ensuring you get the freshest material for your job.

Not sure how much you need for the job? Our asphalt calculator accurately determines the right amount so you only pay for the material you need, reducing waste, saving you time and money.

Test RockAsphalt© For Your Community

RockAsphalt© samples are available for cities, counties, school districts, DOT’s, and other qualifying industrial accounts. Get a bag delivered free to your door to see the difference.

A Legacy of Quality Natural Asphalt

Why Decision-Makers Choose RockAsphalt©

Safer Streets, Safer Communities

Our material is safe for workers and the environment, but it doesn't stop there. RockAsphalt© improves lives by providing safer, stronger roads year-round.

Superior Durability and Longevity

Make your road repairs with the confidence that they will perform through the worst conditions. Proven to resist pushing and shoving under heavy and high volume traffic in extreme weather.

Advancing the Paving Process

Engineering our natural asphalt to perform on distressed pavement is only the beginning. We work tirelessly to optimize your road repair process and product performance.

Less Liability & Risk

Rest assured that your pavement repairs are protected from failed patches that cause accidents. Our asphalt material is guaranteed to last for three years after its initial application.

RockAsphalt 50lb bagged asphalt
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Asphalt, A Family Tradition

Mining Natural Asphalt For Over A Century

Some people claim that the story of RockAsphalt© begins in 1885, others argue is wasn’t until the early 1890’s when the city of San Antonio used bituminous Anacacho limestone to pave downtown Crockett Street, but we like to think it all started with a herd of cattle…

6 More Reasons People Trust Natural RockAsphalt© Over Manufactured Materials

Easy To Use Or Store

No special tools or training required. Naturally occurring bitumen impregnated limestone doesn't draindown or strip and has a shelf-life twice as long as other asphalts.

All-Weather Reliability

Doesn't rely on fickle additives that work differently in different weather conditions. Binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes.

Clean, Natural Asphalt

Unlike oily manufactured mixes, 100% VOC free RockAsphalt© remains dry and clean until compaction. Won't ruin clothes, truck interiors, or track into buildings.

Asphalt Delivered To You

Eliminate long wait times at the asphalt plant or big box stores, RockAsphalt© is made to order and delivers to your door, ensuring freshness and availability when you need it most.

Available in Bag or Bulk

Our natural asphalt is available in multiple sizes to fit the specific requirements of your project, reducing waste and streamlining repairs.

Bonds Permanently

Forms a flexible but durable bond with surrounding pavement like slow-cure asphalts. Ready for heavy traffic immediately after application.

PW Manager Jerry Long On How RockAsphalt© Cut Road Complaints In His City By 55%

A few bags of RockAsphalt© turned any truck we had into a “pothole repair vehicle” and that’s what got us through the winter. […] I was skeptical they [the repairs] would hold up but most all of them did, even the ones in high-traffic intersections. They [RockAsphalt©] changed the way we work. I'd recommend the product to anyone.

Jerry Long

PW Manager, HCC

public works manager jerry long

Solve Your Pothole Problem Today

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way.

How RockAsphalt© Impacts Our Customers

Our natural asphalt is solid and so are our people. We work overtime to ensure you don’t.