Published : 28/04/2023

Surviving Winter Without Bulk Cold Patch Asphalt

If you’ve ever had to tackle a parking lot full of potholes in December, you know that bulk cold patch asphalt can be a real lifesaver. For many years, municipalities have relied on it as the go-to solution for repairing roads and fixing potholes in inclement weather.

However, it’s no secret that there are some frustrating drawbacks of bulk cold patch asphalt that often lead to more headaches than patched potholes. For example, its lack of durability often leads to failed patches that must be re-repaired when the temperatures rise, essentially doubling labor and material costs.

If the hassle of bulk cold patch asphalt already has you dreading the dropping temperatures, there is a solution. Here are three ways RockAsphalt© can help you upgrade your winter road repairs.

1. Fresh Asphalt is Better Asphalt

Bulk cold patch asphalt is often stockpiled outside because of its ability to withstand rain, sleet, and snow. However, these manufactured materials rely on fickle binding agents to form an asphalt patch.

Unexpected changes in moisture or temperature can greatly disrupt the stability of the material, causing these bulk piles to dry out quickly. This can even occur long after the material is initially applied, resulting in a failed patch.

road crew spreading bulk cold patch asphalt with a shovel

RockAsphalt© is made to order and sealed in our Supersacks, ensuring freshness and easy transportation of the material. It can withstand extreme temperatures, changes in moisture, and rivals the durability of hot mix asphalt.

2. Make Asphalt Repairs of Any Size

While bulk cold patch asphalt is great for small, temporary patches, it’s not designed for large, lasting ones. If you’re trying to repair a large hole or area of pavement, it’s highly recommended to use a more durable solution than cold patch asphalt.

Depending on what bulk cold patch asphalt mix you purchase and how long the material has been stockpiled, the longevity can range anywhere from a few months to even just a few weeks!

Materials of this nature are usually only rated to last temporarily until a more permanent material can be used. This essentially forces road crews to re-repair distressed pavement, meaning more money spent on materials and labor.

RockAsphalt© not only creates a permanent repair that’s backed by our 3 year installed guarantee, its durability allows road crews to make repairs both small and large. This uniquely strong material has even been used for new road construction.

3. Bulk Cold Patch Asphalt Leads to Failed Patches

As previously mentioned, bulk cold patch asphalt’s lack of durability and material consistency often leads to failed patches. Between the weight of traffic, varying cure times, and changes in temperature, the material is simply not strong enough to making lasting repairs.

In 2021, a study by the AAA discovered that damages to vehicles caused by potholes cost drivers over $26.5 billion dollars. While this number reflects the costs of vehicle repairs, it also suggests how problematic potholes are for drivers and road crews alike.

RockAsphalt© can better withstand freezing and thawing cycles as well as the weight of traffic. This results in a repair that lasts substantially longer and sets up immediately, saving you time and money in the long run. This also grants drivers a great financial gain as well.

Road crews that use RockAsphalt© for their winter road repairs are able to spend less time on rework and more time making safer, permanent repairs.

This cost-effective approach to road maintenance will save you thousands of dollars over time, as well as keep your streets in a safe condition year-round.

Winter road damage can be a major headache for anyone involved with road maintenance. Bulk cold patch asphalt has long been the go-to solution for repairing this type of damage; however, there are some drawbacks of the material that can cost you time and money. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your winter road repairs without using bulk cold patch asphalt, consider RockAsphalt©.

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