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Your Road Repairs Made Easier Perform Better More Cost-Effective Guaranteed to Last

Learn why we really are the best asphalt solution on the market

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Increase Crew Production Decrease Work Calls Proactive Pothole Repairs

Impact your road crews and commuters alike with streamlined repairs that deliver results. RockAsphalt© works overtime to ensure you don’t have to.

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Simple Application

Just throw-and-roll. No tools, prep, or multi-person crews required

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No Tarry, Sticky Mess

Dry-to-the-touch RockAsphalt© won’t ruin clothes, vehicles, or track into buildings


Less Risk & Liability

No hazardous solvents or cutbacks means fewer long-term risks for people and the environment


Affect Your Community

Give your crew an advantage over potholes and your commuters a quality road


Traffic-Ready Immediately More Coverage, Less Hassle DOT Approved

Achieve lasting repairs year-round, not just when the weather permits. RockAsphalt© is proven to withstand braking tires and commercial traffic so you can keep your roads moving.


Three-Year Guarantee

Perform your road repairs confidently


All-Weather Reliability​

Rain, snow, or heat – our paving material won’t rut, shove, or migrate​


Fast, Permanent Bond​

Zero curing time means your repairs ready for traffic immediately ​


No Tools or Training

Just throw-and-roll. Safe for workers and the environment


Delivered to Your Door No Weather Restrictions One Man Pothole Repair

Get your material delivered and turn any utility vehicle into a one-man pothole repair machine, so your crew can accomplish more with less equipment.


No Sensitive Additives​

Doesn’t rely on volatile chemical solvents, polymers, or cutbacks


Consistent Quality Control​

Carefully processed to ensure proper gradation and strict QA specs


Engineered For Durability​

Unique properties of natural asphalt enable a mix designed for reliable


Stronger Road Repairs

Quality asphalt packaged for permanently repairing damaged areas in asphalt surfaces


Eliminate Failed Patches Three-Year Guarantee

Road maintenance is challenging enough. RockAsphalt© comes backed by our 3-year installed guarantee because your repairs deserve to perform.


Three-Year Longevity

Guaranteed to stay in place at least three years after initial application

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Maximizing Your Budget

Natural asphalt cuts costs by covering up to 76% more area per pound


Consistent Stability

Maintains high stability in extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures


Unparalleled Performance

The only natural asphalt used for all-weather road maintenance

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