Published : 02/03/2023

Breaking Down Pothole Repair Cost: Understanding the Factors at Play

pothole repair cost

The True Pothole Repair Cost

It’s a lot pricier than a bag of asphalt or two. Your crew dubbed the pothole on Pine Street, “The Terminator” because they all know “I’ll be back” to fix it again. That costs money, time, and too much effort. With that being said, how much does it really cost to repair a pothole?

Pothole repairs are already expensive and reworking old patches only adds more hours and a tank of gas. What’s worse, the potholes are never under control because manufactured mixes just don’t last. Here are some of the reasons that pothole repair cost can be so high and how you can use RockAsphalt© to start saving time, money, and resources.

What Increases Pothole Repair Cost?


When you’re fixing potholes with manufactured asphalt, the weather conditions have to be just right. Both hot mix and cold patch asphalt are unworkable if the temperature is outside a particular range. Even though cold patch asphalt is meant for colder weather, it is still very reactive to changes in moisture and temperature, affecting the performance of the pothole patch.

If you’re using hot mix asphalt and you get a surprise thunderstorm, your crew has to wait for the road to dry. When you have a crew waiting on the weather, you’re wasting time and money.

You can avoid weather-related costs by using RockAsphalt© for your pothole repairs. RockAsphalt© can be applied any time of year, even during the middle of winter.


Some county road maintenance crews have to travel hours to the nearest asphalt plant. When you include employee wages, fuel, and wear and tear on the delivery vehicle, delivery costs add up.

In contrast, at RockAsphalt©, we deliver our product to you so there’s less fuel and time lost.


All of the time spent blocking traffic, preparing road services, waiting for asphalt to cure, and cleaning up afterward has to be considered in the final tally of pothole repair expenses. Just because most county road departments don’t calculate the time spent patching into their overall costs doesn’t mean taxpayers won’t feel these expenses.

When you use RockAsphalt©, the application is as simple as any throw-and-roll asphalt patch, but it actually works. It’s traffic ready immediately, and cleanup is easy, so there are fewer labor costs.

Road Closures

You should also consider the cost of road closures when you calculate pothole repair costs. Road closures can cost the public in terms of things like lost business and delivery problems, and you might need additional personnel to direct traffic.

Asphalt curing times can vary greatly depending on the type and brand of product you’re using. With hot mix asphalt, it takes at least a few days and even longer in cold, humid conditions. If you use cold patch asphalt with lower curing times, the repairs result in more failed patches. When you use RockAsphalt©, you don’t have to worry about someone driving on it because the natural binders start working right away.

Failed Asphalt Patches

When you analyze pothole repair cost, take into account whether the repairs are temporary or permanent. When it comes to cold patch and hot mix asphalt, the more permanent the repair, the higher the cost of materials and labor. RockAsphalt© creates a permanent repair with zero curing time, and it’s traffic ready immediately, so there are no hidden costs.

Imagine being able to fix a pothole right the first time and being able to trust that it’s going to stay fixed. If you’re using natural rock asphalt, that’s what you get. Instead of having to go around and inspect all the potholes you just fixed to see if they’re holding up, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about them. But if you’re using cold patch asphalt, expect to spend some time inspecting potholes and scheduling them for repair–again and again. Then, add these costs to your total pothole repair expenses.

Add it All Up

After taking a deeper look at the true pothole repair cost, it’s easy to see how the extra costs start to pile up, and it’s a bit overwhelming. If you’re using traditional asphalt products, the costs to repair potholes are much higher than most people recognize.

You have to include everything, from trips to the nearest asphalt plant to employing extra staff for traffic control, to get a clear picture of your spending.

With RockAsphalt©, delivery is free, and your investment is protected by a 3-year money back guarantee. If you want to experience straightforward pothole repair costs that last, reach out to us. Let’s fix it.

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