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Natural Asphalt For Permanent Road Repair

Fast, clean, and guaranteed permanent, RockAsphalt© is the only natural asphalt used for repairing potholes and new road construction. Its unique binding action leads the industry in durability and all-weather performance.


Three-Year Guarantee

Perform your road repairs confidently with our three-year permanent guarantee


All-Weather Reliability

Rain, snow, or heat – our paving material won’t rut, shove, or migrate


Fast, Permanent Bond

Ready for traffic immediately but weathers like a slow-cure patch


No Tools Or Training

Just throw-and-roll. Safe for workers and the environment

The RockAsphalt© Guarantee

Three-Year Longevity Or We Replace Your Repair

Properly installed RockAsphalt© will last longer than the asphalt around the repair. That’s why we’re so confident in the durability of our natural asphalt that we’ll replace any repair that doesn’t last at least three years after installation.

Year-Round Road Maintenance

All-Weather Reliability

Our asphalt repair material remains workable and reliable in snow, heat, and rain — while manufactured mixes simply don’t. This unique property of our natural asphalt allows you to perform proactive, year-round road repair, not just when the weather permits.

One Asphalt For Every Job

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way and get your no-obligation quote now.

Immediate Pothole Repair

Fast, Permanent Bonding Asphalt

RockAsphalt© is ready for traffic immediately after compaction, making your repairs more efficient, permanent, and impactful. Self-tacking material is proven to resist pushing and shoving under heavy and high-volume traffic such as 18 wheelers and braking tires.

100% VOC Free

No Tools Or Training

Because of the material’s unique properties, our 100% VOC free natural asphalt eliminates the need for tools and training, cutting costs and streamlining your road maintenance process. Just throw-and-roll, letting the bitumen impregnated limestone naturally bond into a permanent asphalt repair.


More Coverage Per Pound Than Other Leading Patches

The secret to our cost-reducing, industry-best coverage (.012ft3/lb) is the natural asphalt we mine in Texas. Ready to learn more about how our unique repair material works for you?

Natural Asphalt Mined & Produced In Uvalde County, Texas For Over A Century

Want to Learn More About RockAsphalt©?

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our natural asphalt and how it outperforms the competition.

Street Superintendent Jay Perez On How He Found Out About RockAsphalt©

When I first came onboard I noticed we had ten high AADT intersections but only one that wasn’t giving us trouble. […] After asking around, I realized the crew had used a different bag of asphalt. Frankly it’s [RockAsphalt©] been our go-to ever since. It stays put and makes our job easier. I like that.

Jay Perez

Street Superintendent, TAP

Solve Your Pothole Problem Today

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way.

Changing The Road Repair Standard

It’s not just a quality product, it’s a proven process. Find out how RockAsphalt© can revolutionize your road repairs.