Published : 28/04/2023

Simple Application for the Best Pothole Repair

pothole repair

Applying the best pothole repairs requires adequate planning. Necessary equipment, weather conditions, material application, and traffic can make even one pothole repair an arduous process.

A majority of this planning stems from what pothole repair material you’re using and the best method of application. While pothole repair patches can prove challenging to work with, your choice in material can also drastically improve how simple, clean, and fast your repairs are.

Planning around traffic and weather will always prove to be a challenge, but your pothole repair material doesn’t have to be. Here’s three ways you can make your best pothole repairs simply using RockAsphalt©.

1. Reducing Tools and Training

Most forms of asphalt require some degree of training and special tools to apply successfully.

Screeds, saws, vibratory rollers, tampers, tack coats, blowtorches, and water are all necessary tools depending on what asphalt you use for your road repairs.

RockAsphalt© occupies a unique space in the world of asphalt, requiring no tools or training for application. The bitumen impregnated limestone rocks create a permanent bond solely through compaction. Simply throw and roll for an all-weather, permanent asphalt repair.

Depending on the size and location of your pothole, tools can become problematic and cumbersome to work with. Larger pothole repairs may prove difficult to patch with water activated asphalt patches that can require vast amounts of water to create a successful bond.

Other pothole repairs also require you to square the edges of a pothole with a saw in order for the material to bond. RockAsphalt’s unique composition and aggregation allow you to permanently seal potholes without the need to use saws, water, or other normal asphalt application tools.

Without the need for tools or training, you can perform more road repairs in less time with guaranteed results.

2. Cleaner Pothole Repair Material

Because compaction creates the permanent bond of RockAsphalt©, our material is totally dry to the touch and won’t stick to tools or clothes. This distinctive characteristic makes your pothole repair easier to handle and apply than the average, tarry asphalt patch.

Manufactured asphalt repair patches are often difficult to apply because they are coated in a tarry binding agent. Tools, clothes, and work vehicles are especially susceptible to becoming covered with this tar.

The more these binders stick to objects, the less reliable the adhesion of the pothole repair material is. Cleaning asphalt off utility trucks and road maintenance tools can be a time-consuming part of your work day, but not as much as revisiting a failed patch.

RockAsphalt© helps reduce clean up time and maintain a clean working environment. Most importantly, your material is guaranteed to adhere to the damaged pavement for a permanent pothole repair, not your gloves.

Making pothole repairs is naturally a dirty job, but the materials you use can greatly impact the effectiveness of your road repairs. To learn how using a cleaner paving material can improve the productivity of your road repairs, read our blog on the benefits of clean asphalt.

3. Permanent Pothole Repair Material

Potholes have a tendency to form on heavily-trafficked stretches of road. When a repair requires a fast turnaround or a pothole poses an extreme traffic hazard, the speed of your road repair matters.

The asphalt curing time of pothole patches differs. However, most require the repaired area to remain closed to traffic for some length of time after application. It is during these curing periods that many pothole patches fail from the weight of traffic, as the patch hasn’t fully hardened yet.

When a pothole patch relies on weather-sensitive chemicals to form a bond, changes in the weather can also greatly affect the speed of your repair. Since RockAsphalt© only relies on applying compaction to form a permanent bond, your repair is guaranteed to perform in even the worst of weather conditions.

A repair made with RockAsphalt© means your repair is immediately ready for the flow of traffic. Without the need to close traffic, you can make simpler, faster, and permanent pothole repairs.

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