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Our Promise to People

Improve Road Repairs, Improve Lives

Our high-performance asphalt creates safer streets, increases road crew production, and decreases safety hazards for communities and crews alike. RockAsphalt© works overtime to ensure you don’t have to.

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Simple Application

Just throw-and-roll. No tools, prep, or multi-person crews required

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100% VOC Free

Dry-to-the-touch RockAsphalt© won’t ruin clothes or make a mess


Less Liability And Risk

No hazardous solvents or cutbacks means fewer long-term risks for people and the environment


Improving Lives

Our team is devoted to helping municipalities improve the quality of their roads and communities

person on bike looking at potholes on a street under construction

The Fundamental Problem

Stuck In An Outdated Approach to Road Repair

Hot mix asphalt forces municipalities to work around the weather and sacrifice hours driving to get material. Cold patch asphalt only offers a temporary solution, resulting in failed patches that create even bigger safety hazards. With its simple application and all-weather, permanent bond, RockAsphalt© allows road crews to work proactively without any of the common drawbacks of other asphalt materials.

The Better Solution

A Modern Fix To Your Pothole Problems

RockAsphalt© has a tangible impact on your road crew and the community you serve. Our product is 100% eco-friendly, fast, permanent, and clean. Your road crews can make permanent road repairs with unparalleled efficiency and confidence, saving your organization time and money.

construction worker looking at asphalt quarry from afar
road crew workers laying asphalt next to a curb

Eliminate Failed Patches

Pave With Confidence

Failed patches caused by temporary paving materials can cause life-threatening accidents that result in costly lawsuits. Make your pavement repairs with the confidence that they will perform in the worst conditions and keep your community safe.

Test RockAsphalt© For Free

RockAsphalt© samples are available for cities, counties, school districts, DOT’s, and other qualifying industrial accounts. Try 100lbs to learn the difference.

asphalt highway in uvalde texas

Asphalt For Municipalities

Devoted To Repairing Your Roads

We’re a family owned and operated business that’s been providing natural RockAsphalt© to DOT’s and industrial clients for roads and highways for over a century. We are committed to strengthening municipalities by delivering superior asphalt to your door.

Maintenance Foreman Joey Cruz On How He Realized RockAsphalt© Was Different

A stranger came up to me while I was out eating lunch and started thanking me and shaking my hand real hard. Said he’d noticed my [Public Works] shirt and wanted to thank us for the improvement in the roads over the last 18 months. […] That’s right around the time we switched to RockAsphalt©. Thought that was a good story for y’all [RockAsphalt©] to pass around.

Joey Cruz

Maintenance Foreman, CPW

maintenance foreman joey cruz

Solve Your Pothole Problem Today

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way.

What Makes RockAsphalt© Superior

Learn why our unique natural asphalt repair out-performs manufactured mixes.