Published : 28/04/2023

How to Choose Your Asphalt Supplier

asphalt supplier

What should you look for in an asphalt supplier? If your days are consumed with repairing roads, patching potholes, or making utility cuts, you’ve probably asked yourself this question.

The answer depends on how much asphalt you need, what kind of projects you need it for, and what you need your supplier to provide you in terms of service or material.

While we may not know your specific needs, we do know what we like about asphalt. We also happen to supply it.

Here’s three things to look for when choosing an asphalt supplier, especially if you need a ton of it and you need it to actually work.

Asphalt Supplier Frequency

How much asphalt do you need and how often do you need it? This alone may dictate who your supplier should be. If you’re a homeowner who needs to fill a pothole in his driveway, your best bet for an asphalt supplier is probably the local hardware store.
However, if you have a consistent need for large quantities of asphalt, the hardware store probably isn’t the answer. While hardware stores can carry good pothole patch products, inventories change and quantities run out.
Organizations responsible for road maintenance need to find an asphalt supplier who can deliver large amounts of asphalt when they need it most.
RockAsphalt© offers municipalities and other qualifying industrial accounts a consistent asphalt supplier for jobs both big and small. We also deliver material to our customers, taking the guess work out of when and where you’ll get asphalt for your next project.

What Do You Need Asphalt For?

Are you repaving Main Street, patching a few potholes, or filling cracks at the end of your driveway? There are countless asphalt repairs with equally as many options for material and your asphalt supplier should complement the types of repairs you’re making.

If you’re a homeowner making smaller repairs such as filling cracks or patching potholes, you’re sure to find an adequate material at any hardware store.

Municipalities and contractors that tackle large projects such as new road construction, utility cuts, and major pothole repairs need a reliable asphalt supplier who can meet their large material demands.

If you’re looking to fill one pothole or fix a bothersome crack, RockAsphalt won’t be the best asphalt supplier for you (not yet anyways). However, if you have a consistent amount of asphalt for pothole repairs and new road construction, consider RockAsphalt as your asphalt supplier.

Consistent Quality Control

If you’re taking care of a town’s roads or an asphalt contractor with months worth of clients, you need an asphalt supplier that delivers consistent quality asphalt every time.
While hardware stores carry great asphalt and pothole patch products, the nature of retail means the bag of asphalt you purchased could be old, stale, and lead to a failed pothole patch.
Many manufactured bags of asphalt are weather sensitive. When a bag tears and the material is exposed to moisture or changes in the temperature, the material can harden, becoming unusable.
RockAsphalt© carefully processes and packages each order to ensure freshness and gradation of material. That means you receive the same great asphalt material every time and on time. RockAsphalt© is also made to order, which means your delivery of asphalt is at its optimal state for permanent repairs.

Asphalt Suppliers, The Final Verdict

Your asphalt supplier depends solely on you! Is your life consumed with asphalt repairs or are you just tired of getting your car realigned because of the pothole in your driveway?
Asphalt suppliers come in many shapes and sizes, sort of like asphalt repairs themselves. For the homeowner or DIYer, the local hardware store is a good place to start looking for the right materials.
If you’re looking for an asphalt supplier that can deliver superior material on a frequent basis to fit jobs both big and small (we’re working on that crack filler), consider RockAsphalt© as your asphalt supplier.
Not sure if RockAsphalt© is the right fit for you? We can help you answer that question. RockAsphalt© is available for municipalities and other qualifying industrial accounts. Reach out to us, especially if the hardware store is not your ideal asphalt supplier.

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