Native Asphalt Now
For Road Repair

Used to pave streets since 1895, the naturally-occurring asphalt we mine outside of San Antonio has now been reformulated for all-weather road maintenance.

3-Year Warranty Backed

Guaranteed to stay in place at least three years after initial application

76% More Coverage

Reduce costs with our industry-leading coverage rate per pound

All-Weather Reliability

Rain, snow, or heat – our patching material won’t rut, shove, or migrate

No Tools Or Training

Just throw-and-roll. Safe for workers and the environment.

Why Choose RockAsphalt©

Trusted By Governments Across The World Since 1895

There’s a reason state, military, and industry leaders have relied on our one-of-a-kind native Anacacho asphalt to pave roads and other critical infrastructure for over a century. Learn how RockAsphalt© saves organizations time and money.

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How Is RockAsphalt© Different?

Why It's Better


Everything starts with the unique native rock asphalt we mine in southwest Texas. Simply put, it’s the reason for the industry-leading durability and all-weather performance of our pothole patch.


It might start with our native asphalt but it doesn’t end there. We’ve engineered every part of our design and production process to ensure the performance of our patching material on distressed pavement.


A quality product requires quality people. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s been providing native RockAsphalt© to DOT's and industrial clients for roads and highways since 1895.


We're proud of our legacy but that hasn't stopped us from striving to improve. A commitment to testing, analyzing, and optimizing the long-term performance of our patch informs everything we do.

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What Customers Say

PW Manager Jerry Long On How RockAsphalt© Cut Road Complaints In His City By 55%

“A few bags of RockAsphalt turned any truck we had into a “pothole repair vehicle” and that’s what got us through the winter. […] I was skeptical they [the patches] would hold up but most all of them did, even the ones in high-traffic intersections. They [RockAsphalt] changed the way we work. I'd recommend the product to anyone.”

Jerry LongPW Manager, HCC
A Legacy Of Quality

Why Decision-Makers Choose RockAsphalt© 

Unique Bonding Action

Our native asphalt binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water or snow-filled holes. Plus a 35% higher coverage rate reduces costs.

Durable Over Time

Proven to resist pushing and shoving under heavy and high volume traffic. Self-tacking material continues bonding as cars provide additional pressure.

Engineered For Performance

Meets and exceeds stripping resistance, cohesion, skid stress, workability, and other industry performance benchmarks.

Less Liability & Risk

No exposure risks from hazardous chemical additives or cutbacks. All natural RockAsphalt© is VOC-free, enviro-friendly, and safe for workers

Solve Your Pothole Problem

Read how RockAsphalt© helps municipalities manage road repairs in a more cost-efficient way

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Why Native Asphalt Out-Performs

Learn why our unique natural asphalt out-performs conventional cold mix

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