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Driven By Performance

Backed By Our Three-Year Guarantee

RockAsphalt© knows our customers value performance. A commitment to testing, analyzing, and optimizing the long-term performance of our asphalt informs everything we do.


Three-Year Warranty Backed

Guaranteed to stay in place at least three years after initial application

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Maximizing Your Budget

Natural asphalt cuts costs by covering 76% more area per pound


Consistent Material Stability

Maintains high stability in extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures


Unparalleled Performance

The only natural asphalt used for all-weather road maintenance

Three-Year Warranty Backed

Permanent Asphalt Patch Guaranteed

RockAsphalt© understands that one of the biggest frustrations of road maintenance is material longevity. Failed patches can cause a single pothole to cost the price of paving an entire road without the right material and maintenance.

That’s why RockAsphalt© secures our customers’ investments with a three-year installed warranty. When you pave with RockAsphalt©, you only pay once.

76% More Coverage

Save Your Budget, Maximize Coverage

Artificially manufactured patches weigh up to 76% more per cubic yard than our natural asphalt, meaning RockAsphalt© fills over twice the volume and twice the potholes as other leading cold patch asphalts. The binding additives in other patches weigh more, forcing you to pay more. But we know you care about performance, not weight.

That’s why we offer fair volume pricing that scales to fit your budget, large or small.

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Advance Your Road Repair Performance

Consistent Material Stability

All-Weather, Permanent Asphalt Patch

How Native RockAsphalt© Is Different

Stays Fresh 2x As Long

Bitumen impregnated limestone resists oxidation and drain-down

Engineered For Durability

Unique properties enable a mix design optimized for reliability

Stays Fresh 2x As Long

Tested in climates as diverse as Peru and Canada for over 50 years

DOT Compliant Nationwide

Meets and exceeds safety standards even in states like Vermont

The adhesive that binds our natural asphalt together has slowly seeped deep inside the rocks, releasing upon compaction, creating a durable, heavy-duty pothole repair that isn’t affected by the weather. Maintains high stability in temperatures -40° to 168° Fahrenheit.

The Problems With Manufactured Asphalt​

Inconsistent Production

Easily contaminated materials and poorly produced materials reduce longevity

Difficult To Use

Requires special equipment and training. Leaves a tarry mess

Depends On Chemical Additives

Long-term health risks and liability from VOC’s and hazardous solvents

Unreliable Performance

Unstable at different temperatures causing migrating and shrinking as it cures

With manufactured mixes, only the surface of the rocks are covered with a binding glue. That’s why most asphalts are either difficult to use or wear out quickly when the weather turns bad. That’s also why most asphalt dries out rapidly and requires special equipment.

Unparalleled Performance

Time Tested, Proven Permanence

There’s a reason state DOT’s and municipalities have trusted RockAsphalt© on highways, runways, and other critical infrastructure since 1895.

Exceeds Industry Standards

Meets and exceeds stripping resistance, cohesion, skid stress, workability and other asphalt performance benchmarks.

Consistent Quality Control

Carefully processed to ensure uniform, well-graded, clean limestone with strict density requirements.

Field & Lab Tested

Mix design and formulation specifically engineered for long-term performance on distressed pavement.

Durable Over Time

Proven to resist migrating and shoving under heavy and high-load traffic yet weathers like slow-cure asphalts.

PW Manager Jerry Long On How RockAsphalt© Cut Road Complaints In His City By 55%

A few bags of RockAsphalt© turned any truck we had into a “pothole repair vehicle” and that’s what got us through the winter. […] I was skeptical they [the patches] would hold up but most all of them did, even the ones in high-traffic intersections. They [RockAsphalt©] changed the way we work. I'd recommend the product to anyone.

Jerry Long

PW Manager, HCC

public works manager jerry long

Solve Your Pothole Problem

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way.

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