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The RockAsphalt© Process

Advancing Road Repairs For Your Municipality

Challenge how you tackle your road maintenance. It isn’t just our industry-leading material, RockAsphalt© paves the way for your community to save time and money with our proven road repair process.


No Weather Sensitive Additives

Doesn’t rely on volatile chemical solvents, polymers, or cutbacks


Consistent Quality Control

Carefully processed to ensure proper gradation and strict QA specs


Engineered For Durability

Unique properties of natural asphalt enable a mix design optimized for reliability


Revolutionize Road Repair

Quality asphalt product used to construct highways and repair distressed pavement

The Fundamental Problem

What Makes Pothole Repair Expensive?

In a world where public works budgets are tight and road crews are stretched thin, every dollar matters. Yet consider all the hidden costs involved in the typical pothole repair.

Wait For Weather

Crews work around the weather because both cold patch and hot mix are either unworkable or unreliable outside a particular range of temperatures and moisture levels.

Drive To Plant

Once the weather is acceptable, a crew drives to an asphalt production plant to pick up compactors, sprayers, mixers, and other tools along with the material.

Prep, Patch, & Wait

The crew then drives all the way back to the location of the pothole, blocks off traffic, and begins to prep. After they finish patching, the crew waits until the asphalt is ready for traffic.

Evaluate, Then Repatch

A few months later, a supervisor revisits the pothole site to evaluate the repair. Most patches will already show signs of distress and will need to be repaired again next season.

One Asphalt For Every Job

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way and get your free quote today.

A Better Solution

Natural RockAsphalt© For Pothole And Road Repair

Less Failed Patches

Apply pressure and our one-of-a-kind natural asphalt rocks secrete concentrated bitumen and fuse tightly together. Warranty-backed for an industry-leading 3-years after installation.

Less Waiting On Weather

Immediately binds on compaction in -40° to 168° F and in water-filled holes. Forms a permanent bond with surrounding pavement without weather-sensitive additives.

Less Liability & Risk

No exposure risks or health liabilities from hazardous chemical additives. Our naturally occurring asphalt material is 100% VOC-free, enviro-friendly, and safe for workers.

Less Prep & Waste

Just throw-and-roll. No special tools, site prep, or multi-person crews required. Shipped directly to you (at no extra cost) in 50lb bags of asphalt preventing wasted material and long drives.

RockAsphalt 50lb bagged asphalt

District Ops Engineer David Reuben On How RockAsphalt© Improved His Process

[RockAsphalt©] reduced utility cut turnaround by at least 20%. [...] Typically I'm not a recommendations guy, but after our experience with RockAsphalt©, they have my full support. Great product and a great team.

David Reuben

District Ops Engineer, GRE

district ops engineer david reuben

One Asphalt For Every Project

Paving Roads To Repair Communities

Join the countless organizations that are saving time and money by using the RockAsphalt© process to become proactive in their road repair.

Solve Your Pothole Problem

Connect with RockAsphalt© to manage your road repairs in a more cost-efficient way.

Proof In Asphalt Performance

Performance defines product. Find out why our natural asphalt out-performs manufactured cold patch mixes.