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Asphalt Repair Bags

are portable, easily available at your local hardware store, and a ton cheaper than a ton of bulk asphalt. However, cold patch asphalt repair bags are also frustrating to work with. The bags tear, the material is a tarry mess, and most asphalt repair bag materials are lackluster in performance. 

As bothersome as that may be, you might just hate what’s inside the asphalt repair bags, not working with bags themselves. After all, repairing a pothole with a 50lb bag is a lot cheaper and quicker than another long trip to the asphalt plant. Here’s three reasons you hate working with asphalt repair bags and how RockAsphalt© changes that.

asphalt pothole patch with dead leaves
Asphalt repair bags are a common solution for pothole repairs

The Problem with Asphalt Repair Bags

Torn Asphalt Repair Bags

Most asphalt repair bags are made of flimsy plastic that rips easily. It also doesn’t help that the material inside of the asphalt repair bags is normally a tarry mess. Torn bags of asphalt are known to stain clothing, tools, work trucks, and make pothole repairs an even messier process. While road work is by no means a clean job, messy asphalt repair bags make road work that much dirtier and time-consuming. When most of your time is focused on clean up rather than actually asphalt repairs, it’s no wonder why asphalt repair bags get a bad rap.

Messy Material

Cold patch asphalt materials is notoriously messy. It’s gooey, it sticks to everything, and it’s just generally a pain to work with. RockAsphalt© is different. It’s clean and dry to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess when you’re using it. While this aspect of RockAsphalt may sound superficial at first, our clean material holds greater implications for your asphalt repairs. You spend less time cleaning up after your materials. Depending on the asphalt repair bags you use, this could add substantial hours back into your work day. RockAsphalt© has also developed a reinforced plastic bag that won’t easily rip or tear when you’re working with it.

construction worker wearing orange jumpsuit smoothing asphalt over road with a shovel
Most asphalt repair bags are cold patch, a notoriously messy material.
50lb Asphalt Bags
Perfect for pothole repair and regular road maintenance projects
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Resealable, weather-resistant bags for large road repair projects
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pothole filled road
Asphalt repair bags are a common cause of failed patches

Asphalt Repair Bags Just Don’t Last

Asphalt repair bags are a common go-to solution for road departments when bulk asphalt is either unavailable or unworkable. The problem is that a majority of these asphalt repairs don’t last. These temporary patches are often reworked at a later date when a more permanent option is available. This costs road departments more money, labor, and limits forward progress. Road departments that cycle back and forth between asphalt repair bags and hot mix asphalt fall victim to doubling their workload this way.

(Unless it's RockAsphalt©)

RockAsphalt© is very unique in the world of asphalt repair bags because it’s a permanent repair, not a patch. Our natural material forms an immediate bond on compaction. This immediate bond is proven to withstand heavy-traffic and intense weather conditions with zero curing time. RockAsphalt© also comes with a three-year installed guarantee which means you’re protected against failed patches and rework that comes from using normal asphalt repair bags.

Asphalt Repair Bags Are Too Expensive

Compared to bulk asphalt, asphalt repair bags are very expensive. This is even more true for those materials that don’t last for longer than a few months. A $20 asphalt repair bag easily turns into $40 if you’re reworking a failed patch. However, consider the hidden costs of purchasing a truckload of bulk asphalt. Road departments must pay for the gas to get there, the tools to use the bulk, and the cleaning of their tools and equipment.

While 50lb RockAsphalt© repair bags are still certainly more expensive than buying bulk, they’re much cheaper than the cold patch alternative. Protection against failed patches, limited cleaning, and ease of application make repairs with RockAsphalt© the easiest asphalt repair bag on the market.

Rethinking Asphalt Repair Bags

If you’re tired of working with asphalt repair bags that are difficult to use and don’t perform well, you’re not alone. Their limitations keep road crews in a vicious cycle of repair and re-repair. RockAsphalt© promises to change your relationship with asphalt repair bags for the better by providing a product that actually works.

With reinforced plastic bags that won’t rip or tear, material that’s clean and easy to use, and a permanent solution that is guaranteed to last for years, RockAsphalt© is worth trying out the next time you need to do some asphalt repair work done right. It sure beats fighting with another broken bag of cold patch.