Published : 28/04/2023

15 Fun Facts to Fill Up National Pothole Day

national pothole day

January 15th, aka, National Pothole Day marks the observance of an age-old pavement problem. They’re unsightly, expensive, and pose a potential threat if left to grow to monstrous sizes.

While this day may spotlight the problem, it’s up to the men and women who maintain our infrastructure to face potholes head-on in new, improved ways. We’re here to help.

With RockAsphalt©, you can make an impact on road maintenance for smoother National Pothole Days for years to come!

However, since National Pothole Day fell on a Sunday this year, here’s 15 facts to fill up the weekend.

1.) Potholes Don’t Have A Singular Definition

According to the TxLTAP, “there is no one universal definition, a commonly accepted description is that a pothole is, “a depression in asphalt (not concrete) with sharp, uneven edges, and typically ranges from 2 in. to 4 in. deep and several inches more in length than width.”

2.) Potholes are Caused By Water and Time

Potholes form as a result of the freeze-thaw cycle. As the temperature of the ground drops below freezing, water beneath the asphalt turns into ice, expanding and breaking the pavement. As the temperature warms, the ice melts and leaves cracked spaces in the pavement.

Over time as cars pass over the weakened pavement, the top layer caves in due to the exposed base layer, creating a pothole.

3.) Pothole Season is Due to the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

This freeze-thaw cycle leads to “pothole season”, a period in early spring when the weakened pavement gives in to the pressure of traffic, resulting in a high number of newly formed potholes.

4.) Potholes Don’t Need Freezing Temperatures

While the freeze-thaw cycle is the main culprit of pothole formation, potholes form just fine in warmer temperatures.

States with high water tables are also prone to potholes. Flooding, humidity, and heavy traffic lend to the degradation of the pavement.

5.) But Cold, Wet Temperatures Sure Do Help

According to a survey performed by the AAA, drivers in the Northeast are the most concerned about potholes on their local roads.

6.) Potholes are Prehistoric

Ancient Roman roads show signs of primitive potholes repairs meaning potholes have bothered drivers since the Roman Times! They probably should’ve used RockAsphalt©, it’s old enough!

7.) Potholes are Dangerously Expensive

Aside from causing flat tires, potholes are also known to fracture bones.

A woman in Baltimore was awarded $80,000 after tripping in a pothole and breaking her leg.

8.) Potholes Inspire Creativity

In an effort to draw attention to their neighborhood potholes, artists from across the world have used these depressions as canvases for their artwork!

9.) The Term “Pothole” Came From Artists

Remember those pothole repairs made by the Ancient Romans? Well it seems the ruts made by wagons led English artists of  The Middle Ages to a source of material for pottery!

As a result, the term “pothole” was born.

10.) Hitting a Pothole Might Run You Around $300

The average cost of vehicle damages caused by potholes is around $300 for the American motorist.

11.) Potholes Affect Us All

A survey by QuoteWizard reports that Americans spend almost $3 billion dollars on vehicle damages from potholes!

12.) But Michigan Has it the Worst

This same survey also points to Michigan having the worst pothole problem due to the highest amount of pothole related internet searches. This makes sense when we think about what potholes need to thrive.

Brutal winters + High water table = Michigan

13.) Pothole Repair Needs Repair

Because of freeze-thaw cycles and brutally cold temperatures, municipalities turn to cold patch asphalt for temporary road relief.

These temporary patches are often reworked multiple times until a more permanent option is available.

14.) Pothole Repair is Frustrating the People

Frustrated with their pothole problem, vigilantes across the nation have taken under the cover of night in an attempt to fix their streets.

15.) The Pothole Problem has an Answer

RockAsphalt© is an asphalt repair capable of performing permanent repairs year-round.

This unique material enables municipalities to bypass the endless cycle of switching between hot and cold mix asphalt that leads to more work and more costs.

This means less failed patches, less frustrated vigilantes, and less reason to dread National Pothole Day.

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